What is it Like to be in a Category 5 Hurricane?

What is it Like to be in a Category 5 Hurricane?

Category 5 hurricane is categorized as the strongest category hurricane where the winds experienced are 157 mph or even higher. The hurricane causes an almost total destruction where flying debris flying in every direction puts the lives of people and animals in danger. Building with wooden roofs and those made of metal are severely damaged to the point of collapsing.

Since 1924, there have been 3 category 5 hurricanes with the most recent happening in 1993. Below are some of the experiences that will likely occur when a category 5 hurricane occurs:

  • Power outages that would last for over a month: the hurricane will uproot electricity poles and this will lead to prolonged power outages that will last until the weather is conducive enough to allow a reconstruction of the power lines.
  • Water shortage
  • Collapse of buildings especially mobile homes, apartments, shopping centers or frame homes.
  • Uprooting of trees
  • Flooding: this will mostly happen if the hurricane will occur near the coastline where the damage could be quite extensive.

A category 5 hurricane has the ability to make an area inhabitable for the duration that the storm will last. If you experience such as scene, it may take longer to get your life back to how it was before the storm.

If possible, you should stay away from places where this type of hurricane is taking place as it has the ability to completely ruin your life. People who have gone through this experience can relate to the devastating feeling that one will take longer to overcome. Having to stay in one location where you will only use what is in the house will feel like a prison and you will be holding your breath every minute with hopes that nothing will happen to your house.

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