How Many Hours can you Stay Awake? The Effect of Not Sleeping

How Many Hours can you Stay Awake? The Effect of Not Sleeping

It has been proven that a human will be able to stay awake for slightly over 11 days, a record that was set by Randy Gardner during a science fair. Medical checkup proved that he did not suffer from any psychological or neurological problem from the lack of sleep. The recovery after a long duration of staying awake will be achieved after a few days of sleep following the normal sleeping cycle.

Besides choosing to stay awake, there are others who will be unable to sleep due to medical reasons and if such conditions are not treated, the person can even have several sleepless months.

The duration that one will be able to stay awake will vary from one person to the other. There are people who are tasked with responsibilities or are overcome by worries that will make it impossible for them to get enough sleep. Such cases must be sorted so that you can attain a balance in your life that will allow you to have a preset time for sleeping each day.

Regardless of this discovery, it has been proven that the lack of sleep will lead to a decline in concentration. Below are some of the effects of not sleeping:

  • Dumbing effect: lack of sleep will lower your thinking capacity as you will be unable to remain attentive and alert. It will also affect your ability to reason and solve problems, making you less efficient.
  • Low sex drive: a person who does not get enough sleep will experience low libido or a lack of interest in sex. The energy levels will be very low making it impossible to concentrate on a physically demanding activity.
  • Accidents: If you have not been able to sleep well, the possibility of causing an accident is very high. You will easily injure or get injured when carrying out your duties as your level of concentration will be negatively affected.

Getting enough sleep is a blessing that you should enjoy as it will bring better results in your daily responsibilities. You can delay sleep but in the end, you will have to give in.

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