Can You Survive Eating Only Potatoes?

Can You Survive Eating Only Potatoes?

Can You Survive Eating Only Potatoes?

A potato contains calories, fats, carbohydrates, glucose, starch, sugar, fiber, proteins in small amounts, and potassium. These are not all the nutrients that your body will require to survive and at some point, you will suffer from the effects of nutrients deficiency.


An Australian man by the name Andrew Taylor survived on potatoes alone for one year in an effort to overcome an addiction. He experienced significant weight loss which could have been a result of getting bored with eating one type of food. Mark Watney is another man who after being stranded in mars with no source of food grew some potatoes and survived on them until he was able to get help.

To survive, the body required nine amino acids, two fatty acids, thirteen vitamins, and fifteen minerals most of which are unavailable in a potato. If you are unable to get these nutrients for a long period, there will be a deficiency in the body and this malnutrition will result in reduced performance, your vitality will be negatively affected and your longevity as well.


Eating only potatoes is likely to reduce your lifespan due to malnutrition though it is possible to stay for a prolonged duration on potatoes alone. The only benefit you will get from this is the reduction in weight based on past experiences but with time, the diet will turn out to be more harmful due to nutritional deficiency.

Eating potatoes alone for a short duration will not result in any harm. For a prolonged duration, however, you will start experiencing difficulties due to the shortage of some vital nutrients. Another negative effect out of eating potatoes would be as a result of eating potatoes that have been damaged from excessive exposure to the sun.


Rather than considering food as a source of comfort and hobby, you should strive to eat just enough food to give you the energy needed to fuel your body. Taking small portions of a balanced diet will be safer than taking a potato only diet.

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