Can you stop watching porn forever?


People often believe it is quite difficult to quit watching porn once you have started, or once you get hooked on it. However, I totally disagree with that. Visiting porn sites such as YouPorn, XHamster, Pornhub all depends on your level of commitment whenever you wish to stop. Even though the stop cannot be sudden, it would take some steps, and if you would patiently take this steps one after the other then you would easily quit watching porn forever.

Here are the few easy steps you can take to quit watching porn forever:

1.During the first stage, you would need to install family filter, example of available ones includes; Net nanny, K9 web protection etc into your desktop or laptop and mobile devices. Some of these filters are free while others are paid for. But they are necessary because at first, they are irresistible because you would always crave to watch porn, but has time goes the cravings gradually becomes weak. Ensure that you work on the settings of the software the following day of your relapse, because that is when you get more determined to stop, because you would be feeling guilty. Set a password which you can never remember such as AcvbNhgDcYT57ER and then send it to a friend or a family member.

 2. Secondly, when you get hit by that urge to masturbate, never do it. You can rub yourself instead when the cravings develop, but ensure that you do not ejaculate. This would help you calm your dopamine which is the chemical your brain releases when watching porn. If you suddenly quit watching porn, your brain would definitely request for those level of dopamine and when that is not there, it could eventually lead to withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, frustration and depression. However, this step would only become successful when you do not ejaculate. This would only be possible if you had taken the first step seriously which is delinking porn websites such as YouPorn, XHamster, PornHub. The aim here is to stop watching porn and masturbation which are both interdependent. With the help of this second step, you would gradually lose interest and become 100% free.

3.This is the final step. Ensure that you engage yourself in some constructive work. This would not only make you self-confident, but would also make you productive. This would really keep you busy and there would be no idle time to think about watching porn. Part of this step includes trying to spend just 6-7 hours on your bed, and once you are awake, always ensure to go for a run, this would give you enough energy for the whole day. Try to meet people such as your friends, if you do not have any, make some. You can also just go out to watch people and listen to music. Drink lots of water also.

The process just requires a full dedication of a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6. After this, everything becomes perfect.