Random Letter Generator

This unholy contraption generates a completely random letter for you. Why might you want to create a random letter, you ask? It’s quite simple—sometimes our love for the alphabet overtakes us and we just want to get that one letter, because remember folks: a letter
is forever


And did you know that the alphabet has existed for over four thousand years? And you thought we humans were silly little monkeys building things and waltzing around in this spherical rock known as planet Earth. No, no, no!

But that’s just the alphabet as we know it. Cuneiform and hieroglyphs existed long, long before we came up with the alphabet. So tell me, do you still think you’re just generating a random letter? Do ya? NO! You are holding hands with HISTORY itself!

After you’ve generated your wonderful, life-changing letter, you may want to consider even deadlier ventures. I plan to make a Game of Thrones quiz that tells you which character you are, as well as what you can do about it.

Stay tuned.